Blackness pub owners ballot villagers on whether to permanently close the pub over parking dispute


The owners of The Lobster Pot in Blackness, Linlithgow, Colin and Sheena O’Rourke, have distributed ballots to villagers to find out if they want them to close the pub permanently because of a parking dispute.

The couple, who took on the pub as a retirement project, claim that customers are being put off because of cones cordoning off the Blackness Castle car park so they have decided to throw the decision on whether to shut the pub over to locals, a move which, claim the couple, is supported by some villagers.

The couple said in a social media statement, “With the Castle car park closed and the cones in place out customers are put off coming and many people who do turn and go away. Our customers and staff have been abused while parking in the village and a number of people are actively campaigning to close the pub and frankly, between the jigs and the reels, we have more than we can take and do not want the stress anymore.”

But the couple want customers to have their say before they make any decision final.

The counting of ballots will happen at 5pm on the 12th September when voting closes, and the results will be posted on the notice board in front of the pub and will contain the names and addresses of all signatories for full transparency.

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