‘Rule of Six’ is law in Scotland’s hospitality businesses from today

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A new law restricting social gatherings of more than six people from two households in Scotland’s pubs and restaurants called the ‘rule of six’ comes into force from today and Police Scotland has said that it will use enforcement as ‘a last resort’ while urging people to ‘do the right thing.’

The wearing of masks is now also mandatory for all hospitality workers as well as customers who are moving around your premises.

The new legislation follows a spike in Scotland’s coronavirus cases with over 200 cases reported on both Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September – with the daily count reaching its highest level since early May. Scottish government data says that for the week ending 13th September, 51,651 people were newly tested, with 1,282 testing positive.

The rules apply to indoors and outdoors and include homes and gardens, but children aged under 12 will not count towards the total in the ‘rule of six’ in Scotland.

Up to eight people from three homes were allowed to meet indoors, and 15 from five households outdoors until today.