Giovanna Eusebi wins court battle to stay open

Giovanna Eusebi

Giovanna Eusebi has secured a temporary reprieve at Glasgow Sheriff Court stopping the city council serving her with a prohibition notice forcing her to close her Eusebi Deli business after producing evidence that she is only selling food and coffees.

Giovanna produced receipts from the past two weeks for the interim interdict to be granted.

A number of other hospitality businesses in the city have been issued with final warnings to close because Glasgow City Council believes they don’t meet the criteria to continue trading under the temporary COVID restrictions.

Sarti’s Michele Arrighi whose two restaurants are closed but not his deli has been told that he could also face a prohibition notice. He is now pursuing the same course of action based on Giovanna’s success.

Said Giovanna, “We are delighted by the decision of the court which vindicates the position we have taken from the very beginning. Since reopening in the summer, we have served thousands of customers in a safe and secure café and deli environment with every precaution in place. We look forward to getting back to concentrating on welcoming the people of Glasgow on that basis”.

Stephen J. McGowan, Partner and Head of Licensing for Scotland for TLT LLP, the legal team representing Giovanna said, “Acting on behalf of Eusebi Deli we secured an interim interdict on 19 October, preventing Glasgow City Council from issuing a closure order under the relevant Coronavirus regulations. The court agreed with our submissions that the premises met the legal definition of “café” under the regulations, meaning they can continue to trade”