Nightclubs shut since March can claim for up to £50k in grants


Nightclubs closed for seven months due to Covid will be able to claim up to £50,000 in grants the Scottish Government has announced as part of a Covid-19 Contingency Fund. Businesses operating multiple premises will be eligible to claim one full grant plus grants of up to 75% on subsequent properties and grants will be based on a rateable value.

Grants will also be available for soft play centres.

Said Business Minister Jamie Hepburn,“We know that nightclubs and soft play centres have been particularly badly hit by this pandemic – unlike the majority of businesses, they have not been allowed to open since March. These grants take account of those exceptional circumstances and will provide a boost as we continue to tackle the virus.

“We don’t want any business to remain closed for a day longer than is necessary but public health is paramount. Unfortunately we are at a critical point with infection levels rising again and it is not safe to lift restrictions on these activities.

“Local authorities will be contacting businesses directly to get the information needed to progress their claim.”





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