Treasury yet to confirm details of furlough for Scotland beyond 2nd December

nicola sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon is still waiting for confirmation from the Treasury about the details on what level of furlough will be available for Scottish businesses after the 2nd December on the back of Boris Johnson last night saying support would continue.

She said in today’s daily briefing, “The prime minister appears to have agreed that access to furlough s at higher level of 80 per cent of wages will be available to Scotland after 2nd December.”

But she also cautioned that the Scottish government is yet to get the confirmation as well as the details from the people that “write the cheque” that it will remain at the 80 per cent level and that “woolly words don’t pay people’s wages.”

She added, “We still hope that the prime minister’s commitment will hold but we can’t be certain about that and we are pressing urgently for that clarity. “

The First Minister also reiterated the she can’t rule out the highest level of restrictions for some or all areas of Scotland.

She said, “I cannot rule out taking some areas to tier 4, although nothing has been decided yet” and that she would “never rule out taking quicker decisions that a scheduled review point.”




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