Hospitality Heroes: Sarah Allan & Jamie Pryce


Licensed Trade Hero 2020 is a brand new category at this year’s Scottish Bar & Pub awards reflecting the times we’re living through and this got us thinking about Hospitality Heroes that have gone above and beyond during the Covid crisis.  Today we honour Sarah Allan & Jamie Pryce
of Hugo’s Cafe Bar & Louie Brown’s Bar Kitchen & Deli, both in Dalgety Bay

Sarah is usually mainly involved in the administrative side of the business, while Jamie manages Louie’s but following the news that Scotland was to lockdown she put her thinking cap on and came up with idea which not only helped the local community in Dalgety Bay but also help cement the role the business had to play in the community.

She reached out to all their suppliers and asked what could they do to help and then took the idea of providing free meals for everyone in the community that needed it to her boss Kieran Fagan who embraced the idea. Then Sarah and Jamie and many of their team members who all voluntered put out social posts offering to deliver free meals every week day to those that needed them.

The initiative ran for 16 weeks and the company with the help of volunteers delivered 200 meals a day. The recipients often saw no-one else other than the person delivering their meals – so the service also became a vital link in more ways than one. Says Sarah, “It became a serious operation and it was hard work – but we are all used to working hard. It gave us all something to get up for. It also helped us put everything in perspective. A lot of people in this community heeded help and other organisations supplied meals too.”