Financial support for Scottish hospitality worst in Europe despite toughest restrictions


Financial support for Scottish hospitality businesses over the festive period is set to be the lowest in the UK and £1,000’s of pounds less than their European counterparts according to figures revealed by the Scottish Hospitality Group. Scottish Government support equates to an average of £64 per day compared to £269 per day in Wales, £147 in Northern Ireland and £80 in England.  In France, businesses are being compensated to the tune of 20% of turnover, while the German government is offering £1,785 a day and the Dutch govnerment£1,071 per day.

Larger employers in Scotland with multiple premises also face a cap on the help they can claim.

Stephen Montgomery spokesperson for the Scottish Hospitality Group says, “We want fair support compared to other UK nations. Not only have we faced tougher restrictions but we’re eligible for less support. This is a shameful way to treat the thousands of hard-working, dedicated staff whose jobs rely on the hospitality sector, especially when you consider that they have to the face the public about the government’s confusing measures.”

Meanwhile, some businesses are still waiting on the £1,650 grant payments promised by the First Minister for those forced to close in the central belt from 9 October for the ‘short sharp shock’.

Even if some areas move down a level from 11 December, the tier system and other government measures mean many businesses will be unable to trade viably, and certainly not enough to recoup significant losses. Nor will they be able to create a financial safety net to see them through the quietest time of year.

Stephen Montgomery said the Scottish Hospitality Group was also calling for the timing of the easing of restrictions to be moved to 6am on Friday 11.   He comments, “We also want the easing of restrictions to come into effect at 6am on Friday 11 not 6pm, otherwise that’s another day of trading lost. Finally, we reiterate our call to the government to tweak the tiers and let us trade viably.”

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