Artist Calum Lockerbie’s Rogano Cabaret


Glasgow’s Rogano restaurant on Royal Exchange Square owned by Lynnet Leisure has unveiled its latest mural, Calum Lockerbie’s Cabaret,  as part of its rotating charity art installation covering the restaurant’s front. Rogano is commissioning Glasgow-based artists to tell some of the restaurant’s stories through a program of murals until the restaurant opens again next year.

Following the first mural by Ida Henrich featuring a celebrity-packed dinner party, Calum Lockerbie’s mural paints a fantastical cabaret. Led by the Rogano lobster flanked by oyster chorus girls and bottles of Rogano Joseph Perrier Champagne overflowing it captures a celebratory feel in Rogano.

Said Calum, “When conceptualising my design I wanted to create a celebratory mural that brought some joy to the end of the year 2020. The artwork itself was inspired by a mix of childhood memories that reminded me of the lead up to the end of the year.  I was heavily influenced by Beauty and the Beast and idea that while we miss Rogano, Rogano misses us too – and that upon reopening the lobsters, oysters, cutlery and crockery will be excited to welcome everyone back.”

The mural will be installed for eight weeks after which a fresh canvas will go up for the next artist to take over.   Prints of Calum’s under the sea Champagne Cabaret are available for purchase for £25 with £5 from the sale of each print going to the Scottish Association of Mental Health.  Buy them here.


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