Takeaway stays but only from the door as drinking alcohol outside is banned


Despite fears that takeaway was going to be banned the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has revealed new restrictions instead.  Customers will no longer be able to go inside to pick up a takeaway but must be served from a serving hatch or doorway. This she said was to reduce the ability for people to meet inside. However, she has banned the consumption of alcohol in any outdoor public places in Tier 4.

The First Minister also announced Click-and-collect retail services would no longer be available unless essential and businesses that could still do click-and-collect will require staggered appointments with no inside access permitted.

The Scottish Government is also strengthening the obligation on employers who must support workers to work from home.

She told the Scottish Parliament, “There are some signs lockdown is starting to have an effect. Figures have begun to stabilise but there is no room for complacency.”

An amendment has also been made with regard to the ‘Stay at home’ message with the wording being changed which emphasises you can only leave home for an essential purpose and cannot remain outside the home except for the legal purpose.

The new regulations will take effect on Saturday.

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, said, “Following the First Minister’s announcement, businesses have a clear responsibility to help all employees who can work from home to do so.  Firms have worked relentlessly to keep their shops, offices and factories Covid secure.

“Click and collect is a lifeline to many businesses, particularly smaller firms, as one of their few remaining revenue streams. When well organised, click and collect services instinctively feel like a safe way for firms to keep trading.

“Of course, firms can choose to suspend click and collect if that makes sense for them, but for many others it could mean the difference between business survival or not.

“It’s really important that the Scottish Government sets out compelling evidence that these services are a source of transmission and provides additional, urgent support to compensate for what would be a further loss of revenue in increasingly challenging times.”

Meanwhile yesterday the First `Minister opened up the additional funding, announced by Kate Forbes earlier,  to Scotland’s island communities who are in Tier 3.



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