Dark Sky Spirits go nationwide


Auld Special Edition is a new range of three blended malt Scotch whiskies produced in the South of Scotland by Moffat-based Sky Spirits who launched The Moffat® blended malt in 2018. The new whiskies were chosen to represent different aspects of Scotch flavour, with one spicy 13-year-old blend, one fruity 15-year-old and one smoky 16-year-old.

Dark Sky Spirits Managing Director Nick Bullard says, “Auld Special Edition explores the landscape of Scotch flavour by choosing single casks, so there will be a limited release of just a few hundred bottles of each expression.

“The focus is on flavour and by exploring the range, people will learn something about their own whisky preferences. We hope they will encourage people to think and talk about their experience of whisky.” Auld Special Edition whiskies have the hallmarks of single-cask expressions, including no added colour, non-chill filtered and bottled at a minimum of 46% ABV.

Dark Sky Spirits also has a new website featuring whisky cocktail recipes and gifts including The Moffat whisky fudge and tablet, and tasting glasses, as well as The Moffat and Auld Special Edition Scotch whiskies. The company is also hoping to start building its distillery and visitor centre this year with an opening date projected for next year.

Excited about the company’s expansion, including his new range, Nick said: “2020 has reminded us of the healing power of human interaction. If these thought provoking whiskies can bring people back together again – either in person or virtually – to chat about them, then that would be mission accomplished.”

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