Gin Bothy creators introduce new brand


A brand-new spirit range from Gin Bothy, called Hipflask Spirits, has launched. Under the Bothy trading label. Hipflask is a separate brand with a Sloe Bramble liqueur and a full strength Golden Spiced Rum and there are plans for a blended whisky in 2022.

Gin Bothy was founded in 2015 by drinks entrepreneur Kim Cameron and is now one of Scotland’s premium gin brands, producing 60,000 units in 2020. She trademarked the new venture years ago looking to introduce it to the Bothy portfolio but hadn’t had the time until 2020 presented the opportunity amidst the chaos. Kim said, “The challenges of 2020 gave me a little bit of space for new projects that had been on the back burner but now had time to flourish.

“Throughout 2020 I was inspired by the way in which people found joy in the outdoors and in pursuits that nourished the soul. This helped drive forward the creation of the brand with the idea of Hipflask Spirts coming from a portable, lighter weight 20cl bottle that can be easily carried in an inside pocket or bag. Hipflask is the spirit of 2021, the spirit of adventure.”

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