New brand aims to push the boundaries of Irish whiskey


Sailor’s Home, a contemporary and premium new Irish whiskey brand hailing from Limerick, from Highball Spirits, has launched its first range of three truly unique expressions in the UK; The Haven, The Journey and The Horizon. Crafted by legendary master whiskey maker Dr. Jack Ó’Sé; Sailor’s Home’s distinct flavours have been shaped by an adventurous approach to blending, ageing and finishing.

The Journey Irish Whiskey (The Explorer Series) is the go- to whiskey for adventurers. The Haven Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is Sailor’s Home first release of the unique single pot still Irish Whiskey style. The Horizon 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey (The Islands Series) is crafted from exceptional Irish malt and grain whiskeys that have been matured for at least 10 years in American bourbon barrels.

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