Oak Old Tom Gin is the first limited edition release from Eden Mill’s exclusive new ultra-premium gin collection, Distiller’s Choice.

Distiller’s Choice is a collection of contemporary gin expressions which embrace the best of old and new distilling techniques to create a range of gins specially for connoisseurs across the globe to enjoy a taste of St Andrews.

CEO and Co-founder Tony Kelly said, “Eden Mill has always been at the forefront of trends within the spirits industry and we pride ourselves on our pioneering spirit and desire to go beyond the conventional.’

“We started in 2012 with the mission to revive the lost art of distilling and brewing in St. Andrews by creating small-batch, craft products from our site on the bank of the Eden Estuary.’

“With our Distiller’s Choice range, we’d like to take our audience back to our roots when our distilling team would create various small-batch gin expressions and experiment with techniques and flavours.”

A lightly spiced, creamy gin, Oak Old Tom Gin has been chosen by Eden Mill’s Head Distiller, Scott Ferguson to be the first release of the collection.

Inspired by one his favourite flavour creations from the core Eden Mill range, Scott used the same American Oak chips from Eden Mill’s Oak Gin to age this Old Tom Gin to create a balance of creamy oak and vanilla sweetness combined with the aromatic cassia spice and a light peppery finish.

Eden Mill’s Distiller’s Choice Oak Old Tom Gin (£40, ABV 49%)  is available fromedenmill.com/oakoldtom. Discover more about the full Distiller’s Choice Collection at edenmill.com/distillerschoice.


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