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Coronavirus has continued to hit hospitality businesses incredibly hard. We hope to welcome customers back to hospitality as soon as possible, but safety measures will be with us for a while longer after opening.  This will include the ongoing requirement to collect contact details to support Scotland’s Test & Protect system.  We therefore want to help operators to be ready to play their part again, like you all did last year.


To support Scottish businesses in the sector to digitally collect and manage customer, visitor and staff contact details, the Scottish Government launched Check In Scotland in December 2020. You may well be one of the many hospitality businesses in Scotland already registered.

We’ve worked with hospitality businesses to design and build this voluntary digital service that provides a simple way of collecting contact details and supports effective contact tracing. As we move towards the easing of restrictions, this service can assist you and your business to get prepared for reopening.

Check In Scotland – a fast, secure and easy-to-use service for collecting and managing customer contact details, that’s fully integrated with NHS Scotland’s contact tracing services.

The service is user-friendly: from registering and creating your official Test and Protect QR poster, to safely and securely collecting visitor contact details digitally.

Once you’ve registered and printed off your poster, all your customers have to do is scan the unique QR code with their phone, and enter their contact details to check-in and out.

This data is held in line with GDPR regulations, meaning it will be deleted on day 22, unless it’s required by public health officers for the purposes of contact tracing.

 Best of all, the service is available free to all hospitality businesses across Scotland for adoption on a voluntary basis.

Check In Scotland. 




If you have a hospitality business in Scotland, visit to register today.

Protecting all of us, takes all of us.

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