Hospitality urges customers to #bekindtohospitality as it reopens


Hospitality customers are being urged to be kind as the trade throws open its doors today (26th April) with the launch of a social media campaign #bekindtohospitality’.  It is seeking support from the public and all hospitality operators who are being urged to spread the message  #bekindtohospitality

This new initiative launched by Radisson RED and fellow hospitality businesses asks customers to understand the challenges facing staff and businesses as they try to adapt to the new world which includes many restrictions placed on them by the Scottish Government.

Graham Chalmers, Curator, Radisson RED Glasgow comments, “It’s been a tough time for everyone and all of us in the hospitality industry are THRILLED to be able to welcome customers back to our venues.

“At Radisson RED we are asking customers to stick with us – not just in our hotel but in ALL hospitality businesses and venues. It’s been a long year for all of us… let’s be patient and be kind as we all work together to get the world turning again.

“We just ask that our customers and friends understand that things are evolving rapidly and our staff will be doing their best to keep everyone happy but more importantly, safe.

“It’s important to remember our staff are suffering the same anxieties many others are about being out in public again after so long on lockdown – so whether you’re at Radisson RED or in another hospitality outlet, please be considerate of the staff and their feelings.

The campaign aims to remind customers that the restrictions are not being imposed by the hospitality venue but by Government.   Says Graham, “We know customers want their day or night to be perfect and so do we – but if it’s not quite what they will be used to because of the restrictions, that’s not down to the staff or to us – it’s the law.”

“So we are asking customers to please bear with us – if they can’t get a table when they want, if their orders takes longer than usual, or they can’t sit with their friends – we are asking them to be patient. Sadly some things are just not in our control right now.”

“Come join us – we’re here to make you smile. Please Be Kind wherever you go when hospitality finally reopens today !”

Graham Suttle, Kained (Porter & Rye, The Finnieston, Lebowskis) comments, “It’s been such a long wait but we are finally welcoming our ‘family’ back into our venues to enjoy our famous hospitality.

“Everyone is extremely excited and relieved to be able to meet, interact and enjoy that long awaited cold pint or epic cocktail, and our team cannot wait to see everyone enjoying themselves.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone, mentally and physically – and we are no exception.  Our brothers and sisters in hospitality have had a long and arduous time of uncertainty, anxiety and hardship, so as things open up we want to bring our customers and team together by asking everyone to ‘be kind’.

“Above all, please give a little thought to everyone in hospitality who’s had their own personal anxieties and issues, but are back working hard, to deliver the best possible experience they can… so please be kind.

“If things don’t go quite according to plan, given all the change and challenges everyone is facing, give us the chance to rectify it directly.  We are all fighting to survive after over a year of closure, so support is really important.

Instead of jumping on social media, give us a chance to rectify any issues.   We want your visits to be as perfect as you would want.  After all, that’s what we do best!  A little kindness goes a long way.”

Hospitality businesses including Chaophraya, Glasgow and House for an Art Lover are also backing the campaign #bekindtohospitality #bekindtounwind



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