New UK watchdog launching to protect workers’ rights

A new workers’ watchdog called Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority will take responsibility for ensuring British workers do not suffer from exploitation. The government’s plans will see the watchdog , the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate and HM Revenue & Customs’ national minimum wage enforcement combined to create a single body.

UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls (pictured) said, “The creation of this new enforcement body is a positive step and we look forward to working closely with officials to help shape best practice guidance. The vast majority of hospitality businesses are good employers and treat their employees with respect, so any moves that prevent them being undercut by the few companies that aren’t treating their workers in the right manner is welcome.

“The one-stop-shop approach is, in theory, helpful for both employers and employees because such a model could provide consistency, clarity and transparency, and give businesses confidence of staying within the law on a range of employment legislation.”

The new body will tackle modern slavery, enforce the minimum wage and provide protection for agency workers. It aims to improve enforcement through better co-ordination and pooling of intelligence. The new watchdog will also enhance workers’ rights by providing a single, recognisable port of call for workers so they know their rights and can blow the whistle on bad behaviour.