A good Rep isn’t hard to find: Sarah Wood


It’s been a while since we profiled your brand reps – aka business development managers and executives etc. to give them a couple of their official titles.

Some might say it’s been too long. So here’s the fourth of our ten, and we enjoyed catching up with them so much and there are so many of you doing a similarly grand job, we’re going to feature reps every month. Get in touch if you want to be included.

Sarah Wood

Global Account Manager

Pickering’s Gin


Sarah Wood, 27, is Scotland’s Global Account Manager for Pickering’s Gin. “My colleague Jenny and I used to manage it together but she’s just moved to Bristol, so I’m taking over Scotland gradually.”

This is Sarah’s first brand rep job and a quick conversation got her the job.

Says Sarah, “It was December 2019 and I was working in Alston Bar & Beef in Central Station. We sold mainly gin and Calum Davidson was Pickering’s rep and I chatted to him one night and the next day he messaged me on Facebook to say he was moving on and that he thought I’d be great in the role, so I went for the interview and got the job.”

Social media plays a part in her role too of course, like using Instagram for targeting owners about tastings. “This makes it fun and more engaging,”

Jenny’s only really done about five months in the role in real-time since then because she’s been furloughed but she’s loving it and can’t wait to throw herself into it.

“I like going into bars selling brand training to five people or a room full. I used to live in Auckland, New Zealand and they did lots of brand training over there. They were great believers in the style of service where customers are asked ‘what are you in the mood for?’

“I think we are going to be seeing more of that over here.”

How have customers’ habits changed since she started in the role?  “I think there’s more demand for pulled pints and cocktails – all the stuff they couldn’t do in the house while locked down.  But there’s always going to be a lot of love for gin. It’s still going strong.”

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