Tom Kitchin staff suspended over bullying claims

Tom Kitchin

Edinburgh chef Tom Kitchin who operates Michelin-starred restaurant The Kitchin and gastropub Scran and Scallie has suspended two members of staff following allegations of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ following anonymous claims which appeared in June on an Instagram page describing ‘toxic’ behaviour, violence and instances of sexual assault in his restaurants.


One alleged a chef burned a woman’s arm with a hot tray from an oven, while another claimed staff were repeatedly punched if they were not fast enough.


Peter Southcott, the managing director of the Kitchin Group, said in a statement, “Following allegations of unacceptable behaviour, two senior members of staff have been suspended while these claims are fully and independently investigated. We will not hesitate to take whatever action may be necessary.”


Further claims have since been made to the Guardian and Times newspapers detailing mental health problems arising from the alleged experiences.


Tom Kitchin has been a guest judge on BBC One’s MasterChef and appeared on the Great British Menu. At 29, he became one of the youngest chefs to receive a Michelin star.

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