Bonnie & Wild opens in Edinburgh’s St James Quarter


Food hall Bonnie & Wild has opened in Edinburgh’s St James Quarter.

Alongside Gary Maclean’s Creel Caught, The Gannet and Jimmy Lee’s Salt & Chilli Oriental, are Rico’s Pasta Bar, Erpingham House, CHIX, east PIZZA, Joelato and the Broken Clock Cafe.

It’s also showcasing the first retail offering from Inverarity Morton called Morton and MacDuff.

Bonnie & Wild’s operations director said, “There’s such a common purpose here – all of us care passionately about promoting and supporting the Scottish food and drink industry. It’s easy for us in Scotland to overlook the fact we have some of the best food and drink in the world, that it’s sought after by chefs the world over.

“The Food Hall itself is a stand-out piece of design. It’s not a barren warehouse weight uniform rows of benches and long tables. here are so many different spaces with their own ambience and feel: some more open and lively, others quieter and more intimate, some with commanding views of the St James Quarter, other areas are perfect for watching different chefs put on a show.”