A good Rep isn’t hard to find: Kenneth Scott of BB Foodservice


You all loved last month’s catch up with your Brand Reps so much that we simply had to profile another ten this month  – and please do get in touch if you’d like to feature in the next one because we just might make it a hattrick.

Here’s the first of our next ten.

Kenneth Scott

Territory Sales Manager

BB Foodservice (part of the Bestway Group) Central Scotland (including Perthshire)


Isle-of-Bute-born Kenneth, 30, was raised in Perth and he’s back on his home turf after a wee round trip of territories.


“I worked in sales in Australia for a couple of years and then got a job in telesales department at BB Foodservice, part of Bestway Wholesale (formerly Batleys) for seven months back in 2016 and as soon as I learned about it, I knew I wanted to become a TSM with Drinks Express, so I learned the ropes, the processes, and systems and was offered my first rep’s job.


“I stayed in Edinburgh for a couple of years and covered the city centre. This was just before the pandemic and I had started seeing a girl in Perth. Luckily, an opportunity came up in my hometown area, I asked for it, and as I’d done so well in Edinburgh they said yes.”


Then the pandemic hit. Kenneth had only been in the role for two months and was moved to work in the company’s two Edinburgh depots, Bellevue and Newbridge.


“I worked out of the depots doing a lot of work with local food banks. BB Foodservice supported lots of them, and I was keeping in touch with my customer base at the same time too of course. I grew up there so I have a lot of really strong relationships with them.


Now that restrictions are easing, Kenneth has ‘hit the ground running’.


“Our motto is ‘deliver on time, in full, with a friendly service,’ and that’s what we strive for and with the issues the industry is having with supplies and shortages, it has been a struggle at times, but we are hitting targets and filling gaps and trying to positively encourage businesses.”


What’s the biggest buzz Kenneth gets from the job?


“Helping customers and improving their businesses. Even during the hard times, lots of businesses have still been busy, what with the Euros and people venturing out again.”


He’s also taken on the role of mentor. “Now that I’ve progressed from the young, good-looking guy in telesales to the old experienced guy everyone calls on for help, and I am mentoring new starts. This is so important. I had a lot of experienced people around me when I first started and what they taught me was invaluable.”


Kenneth and his partner are expecting their first child in October.


“I like playing golf and football, but the more heavily pregnant my partner gets, the less time I have for all that.”