A good Rep isn’t hard to find: Caitlin O’Connor  

Caitlin O'Connor

You all loved last month’s catch up with your Brand Reps so much that we simply had to profile another ten this month  – and please do get in touch if you’d like to feature in the next one because we just might make it a hattrick.

Here’s the second of our next ten.

Caitlin O’Connor

Brands Development Manager

Edrington Beam Suntory



Switching roles during a pandemic can be tricky and four months into her new role, Caitlin’s winning.

“I’ve been with the business for two years. I was a BDE at the start of pandemic and made BDM two months ago. Taking on a new role has been interesting and very busy and I’ve enjoyed being part of the trade getting back on its feet. It’s a mixed bag, but licensees in Glasgow roll with the punches. My customers are very optimistic about the future.

“A lot has happened in past year, and if you are having a hard time, nice to have a hard time with each other.”

Prior to this, Caitlin was Chivas brand ambassador in Milan, so how does working in Italy compare to Scotland? “People treat hospitality differently over there and it’s quite tough to engage bartenders or GMs. But once you do, they love you.  Plus I was covering such a huge geographical area so it’s harder to build the strong relationships like I’ve built in Glasgow.”

Is being a successful brand rep a big team effort?

“We’ve all been checking in with everybody over the past year, and with customers too. There are the people that I see normally every day and go for drinks with so I want to keep those bonds strong so you have to keep on top of things.”

Originally from Balloch, she says that the drinks industry is in her blood and this is where she’s staying.

“I am from whisky stock, – everyone in that part of the world has some connection to whisky and I want to stay in this industry for life. A lot of people have left the hospitality industry and it’s hard for many operators to find staff and this will continue to be a challenge but this is a tough industry and we will attract good people in the future because it’s a great industry to work in.”

Away from the job, running, cycling, snowboarding and learning golf keep Caitlin busy.