A good Rep isn’t hard to find: Sam Peacock

Sam Peacock

Here’s the fourth of our latest round-up of ten Reps…



Sam Peacock

UK Sales Manager

Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky




Minutes before we reached out to Sam to be part of this feature he’d been talking to new recruit Ian Logan about how they must set up a meeting with us.

Says Sam, “It must be serendipity. Ian’s now heading up the whisky and hospitality side of Duncan Taylor and he is working on the large development and expansion plans, he was just talking about setting up a meeting with you guys at DRAM.”

Sam, 34, is originally from Harrogate and worked in bars since the age of 18.

“I went to university in Aberdeen and this is where I met Andrew Shand. His dad owns Duncan Taylor. We had our own company called Bootstrap Liquor focussing on brand development, wholesaling etc.  “It was late 2019 and we were planning to work closer with Duncan Taylor to boost its on-trade profile but eventually I parted ways from our company and I started working for Duncan Taylor in Feb 2020 when the person doing the role got headhunted, and just at the point when everything was shutting down.

“The on-trade was of course very quiet but we focussed on other areas which was a chance to reconnect with consumers and raise our profile and position ourselves to approach the on-trade. We took a step back and considered, ‘where do we want to be positioned and then start small?’

We also developed nice little following doing virtual on-trade tastings – a route we’d never really gone down before. But now that Ian Logan’s on board, they plan on going down this road full throttle.

“Ian has a lot of contacts from his Chivas days. We are looking at all the key whisky bars, we’re in lot already, plus we’re also trying to roll out to everyday bars too, to really boost our brand presence.”

Sam really missed talking to customers about whisky and seeing their reaction  to Duncan Taylor Whisky and is eager to get back out in amongst it.

When he’s not playing squash, which he can’t at the moment because of Covid restrictions, you might find him at his fave bar, The Gate in Glasgow, He also loves Little Red Door in Paris and Bar Paradiso in Barcelona.


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