We need immediate clarity on mask wearing and vertical drinking in nightclubs and pubs says Sub Club boss


Glasgow Sub Club boss Mike Grieve wants immediate clarity from ScotGov on the wearing of face coverings and vertical drinking in Scotland’s nightclubs and pubs. He says that for operators to still be waiting five days before being allowed to re-open following Nicola Sturgeon confirming the relaxation of most Covid restrictions from 9 August is “unbelievable.”

Mike told DRAM,, “Where do I start? We’ve been asking for clarification on the mitigations for months so to hit us with this five days before nightclubs in Scotland can supposedly open is unbelievable.

“So it came as no big surprise that they would open clubs by default but keep them shut at the same time by insisting on restrictions that make it impossible for customers to have the experience they deserve in this hospitality environment.

“It’s deeply concerning that there is no clarity on whether masks need two be worn when customers are standing up which is what most people are going to be doing in nightclubs.  Seating areas are a marginal part of the capacity.”

Mike is also looking for a for a timeline for nightclub operators to work with rather than everything being so open-ended

“The first minister’s announcement is a step forward – but with heavy caveats, and the fact that the mask wearing will be mandatory for ‘some time to come’ causes our industry a lot of anxiety. If it were mandatory until to 18 to 20 year olds were vaccinated, say, it would give us something to work with at least.”

His calls come as Covid cases continue to fall in Scotland with no spike in cases in England since masks were ditched in all hospitality on 19 July.

He says that he is still waiting to be contacted as part of the consultation with the night-time industry.

“John Swinney said on the radio this morning that vertical drinking will not be allowed under the current regulations. He said that he was going to be ironing things out with night time industry today, but that’s the first I’ve heard of it and nobody’s been in touch yet.

“So we await the consultations with bated breath, and let’s not forget, any new regulations will have to be enforced before Monday.”