A good Rep isn’t hard to find: Kit Cummins


It seems you all can’t get enough of this feature so here’s the third of round three…

Kit Cummins

Key Account Manager for White Claw

Mark Anthony Brands UK



Kit, 28, did a masters degree in America while completing his football scholarship.

“It was an amazing experience. America college culture is so different. I went out in Texas and everywhere was jumping. It was like Ibiza . Such a buzz. Every week.

It also took me to NY, Main, and Georgia, but I didn’t see myself staying there for good.

“I worked for G1 for a year in bars and clubs and really enjoyed it when I got back to Glasgow. I did a graduate role enterprise rent-a –car management trainee.  But it just for wasn’t for me. Then got offered a role for Red Bull as a brand development executive for the off-trade. I did that for seven months before moving to the on-trade. ”

How did he end up in his current role?

“I was approached by Mark Anthony Brands UK to launch White Claw hard seltzer in on-trade in Scotland.

“It’s had astronomical growth in US and we intend to emulate the same success here. It’s been really well received, and being seen in the right bars and festivals is key and being listed in the key pub groups is paramount. But it’s not going to happen overnight.

“The part of the job I love is building relationships with customers. Over my entire career to date, I’m most proud of this product.”

Away from the job, Kit plays semi-professional football and spends a lot of time training.

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