A good Rep isn’t hard to find: Micky Plummer


It seems you all can’t get enough of this feature so here’s another great Rep…


Micky Plummer

Area Sales Manager/ Brand Ambassador (North)


UK North (Nottingham to the Scottish islands)


Plymouth-born Micky, 41, is ex-Royal Navy and this is what brought him to Glasgow.

“I worked in the navy for Thirteen years and was posted in Glasgow and liked it so much up here I decided to stay and got to really love whisky. I
worked at BAE Systems (three times), in waste water treatment and off-shore, and I was also a reptile shop manager before finally deciding to pursue my dream career in the whisky industry when my BAE contract ended in 2019.

“I educated myself by dong my WSET level 1 and 2 courses and passed with distinction. I’d been a big fan of Mackmyra whisky for four  years and
had joked with the area sales manager to give me a job but it wasn’t to be at that point.

“I got a job in The Whisky Shop in Buchanan Galleries in the meantime, and started with Mackmyra in January as a part-time brand ambassador
before going full time Area Sales Manager when The Whisky Shop closed in April this year.”

So how has he found this complete change in career?

“It’s been a steep learning curve. Obviously, I don’t come from sales or hospitality background but I am naturally outgoing and really enjoy
learning – and not just from colleagues, but from my wonderful customers too.

“My passion for whisky and all my research helped me greatly. I went to lots of tastings and festivals”

What does he enjoy most about his new career?

“The biggest thrill for me  is how people can be closed-minded trying non-scotch whisky. But once they try it, they’re really interested and
that’s when the magic happens. I love winning customers round and opening up their world. I have found my niche.”


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