MSP Ben Macpherson backs hospitality recruitment drive


MSP Ben Macpherson got behind the bar at Joseph Pearce’s in Edinburgh to show his support for a new Scottish hospitality recruitment drive by pulling pints.

Staff shortages within the industry are reducing opening hours and the capacity of pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants in Scotland to serve customers and the Edinburgh Northern and Leith MSP is keen to encourage anybody that’s looking for work to consider a career in hospitality.

Said Ben, “The experience of the pandemic has reminded us that local hospitality businesses are a key part of our communities and our economy – they are where we so often come together with loved ones and friends, and provide the setting for so many joyful moments in our lives.

“Cafes, pubs, clubs and restaurants are an important part of our society and I would encourage anyone looking for work to consider what either a temporary job or a career in hospitality can offer as a chance to learn new, transferrable skills.”

He also wants to send out a clear signal that hospitality offers a clear career path, good pay and conditions.

“The sector still has some improvements to make when it comes to its fair work responsibilities – but I have seen significant and meaningful change since I worked behind the bar 10 years ago, and today there are many hospitality businesses offering fair pay, good career paths and fulfilling opportunities.”

Ben credits many of his professional skills that he employs to this day to working in Edinburgh pubs in his 20s.

“I developed many practical, organisational and interpersonal skills while working in hospitality, and I learned a lot about different aspects of society from meeting and listening to colleagues and customers alike. I also made a lot of new friends from all over the world, who I’m still in touch with to this day, and had some great times working with them.”