A Good Rep isn’t hard to find: Callum Neilly

Callum Neilly

Callum Neilly

Business Development Manager

Stewart Brewing.

Glasgow Perth, Stirling, Dundee Aberdeen


(Edinburgh and St Andrews for Project 7 Beer series that launched in 2019)


Callum is 30 and originally from San Francisco. He moved to Scotland to study civil engineering but quit the course to follow his true passion.

“A career in hospitality always interested me the most. My uncle has a bar in San Francisco and I thought what better place than Scotland to make the move into this industry.”

He started as a glass collector at Glasgow’s Viper and then following a stint working in bars in Finnieston, before the job with Stewart Brewing beckoned.

“They’d never had anybody based outside of Edinburgh before so they took me on with an eye to expanding beyond the city.

“This industry grabs you, it’s the constant interpersonal interaction with people that I love the most. It’s about showing them something new and opening their eyes even if it’s just for ten minutes. It’s also about finding unique solutions for people. Seeing where their brand and our brand intersect and finding ways we can work together, then getting a couple of brands in fridge or keg line, followed up with support, staff training, and tasting nights.

“I come from where craft beer revolution started and seeing how ubiquitous it is and watching Scotland move into that space is interesting. Similar styles of beer are popular at the same time but how each spreads in the drinking community tends to differ.”


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