HEINEKEN UK removes PET bottles from trade


HEINEKEN UK is delisting all PET bottles from its on-trade network saving almost 6 billion PET bottles and 170 tonnes of plastic it has said.

The company has also delisted all third-party PET SKUs from its e-commerce website, encouraging direct-supplied customers to switch to more sustainable alternatives like aluminium or glass that can be recycled.

In a statement, the brewer explained that consumers, particularly Gen Z, are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, with 79% changing their purchasing habits based on sustainability. HEINEKEN UK believes that it is now more important than ever for businesses to effect positive change for the planet and provide customers with opportunities to ‘do the right thing’.

 To further reduce the environmental impact the company is promoting the use of single-use plastic cups and they are is offering on-trade operators, festivals, and stadia  to use their environmentally friendly reusable cups for events – also removing the need for washing up.

Over the last 10 years, HEINEKEN has laid a solid foundation with its sustainability strategy, Brew a Better World, which focuses on the environment, social sustainability, and responsible consumption. Doing Business in the Right Way is one of the five pillars of the HEINEKEN Benefits Bar.

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