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It has been a year since the Scottish Hospitality Group’s  SOS Our Jobs Campaign ran on digital screens across the central belt and what a year it has been. I actually think people are more stressed now than they were then due to having to cope with unprecedented demand and staff shortages. Perhaps we should be running a campaign – SOS Fill our Jobs or perhaps SOS Save our Sanity!

Many companies are focussing now on retaining the teams they have, but these teams too are under extreme pressure due to their workload. It is hardly surprising that many hospitality companies are still not operating 7 days a week. It kind of feels like we are going back to the old days when pubs didn’t open every day, closed at 10pm and closed for a few hours during the day.  You will notice I didn’t say the ‘good’ old days!

COP26 – there has been no getting away from it. Not least because locals – ie Scots, were told to keep away from Glasgow city centre. I hear bar and restaurant owners saw bookings drop off dramatically. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that they did get a turn from delegates. Next month we will do a roundup on how you have found it – so let me know.

There is no doubt about it the nightclub industry has been pummelled by Covid and now that business is back it is now having to cope with bad PR due to the incidences of spiking. It is crazy to think that some people sink so low as to jab their peers. I am concerned that the ‘Girls Night In’  initiative, which caused a one night boycott, could grow arms and legs and this would affect not only clubs. This is an industry issue – it’s not new.  If we had a fool proof solution we would have implemented it by now. Right now we need customers to be diligent and staff to be extra diligent. I am delighted to see that the NTIA hasa new campaign. Well done.

Buzzworks has always been a company that leads the way and last month it announced a Wellness Day for staff – everybody got the day off to participate in some fun activities with colleagues. It is also giving staff New Year’s Day off. They recognise it is important to consider the mental health of their colleagues. I think these types of initiatives, before long, will be the norm and not the exception.

I was very sorry to hear about the death of Walter Smith – I met him on quite a number of occasions (usually socially) and he was kind enough to come to the DRAM Awards a few years ago and present John Gilligan with his Lifetime Achievement Award. He was a gentleman, and a great supporter of the trade, as well as being in the trade. Our thoughts are with Ethel and the family and his multitude of friends.

Briefly to finish, Covid Passports – if the main reason for introducing them is to persaude youngsters to get jabbed, I have got news for the Government. I had an 18 year old complaining bitterly that he couldn’t get one at a  drop-in recently – he was turned away. He told me that he had been quoted a six week wait period before he could get it! At least he wants to get it, he just can’t!

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