Black Bottles’ revolutionary Spotify playlist that alters taste

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Black Bottle has created the world’s first musical Spotify playlist which alters perception of taste to mark the launch of Black Bottle’s Alchemy Series

Produced in a collaboration between leading Experimental Psychologist Oxford Professor, Charles Spence and Black Bottle’s master distiller, Brendan McCarron, the tracks are specifically created to alter and heighten sensory perceptions when drinking whisky.

Known as sonic seasoning, the phenomena heightens listeners’ senses as they listen to music, changing the flavour of what they are drinking, or eating, depending on the sounds being played.  For example, high-frequency sounds enhance the sweetness in food, while low frequencies bring out the bitterness.

Professor Spence said: “I am fascinated by how our brains process the information from each of our different senses to form the extraordinarily rich multisensory experiences that fill our daily lives.

Whisky has a distinctive taste and smell which produces a very specific multisensory reaction for drinkers. When Black Bottle approached me to partner on this experiment, I thought it would be really exciting to see how we could heighten our bodies reaction to the new Alchemy Series.”

The unique experiment was initially previewed at a series of online events, hosted by Professor Spence, but now whisky fans around the world can experience the phenomenon themselves at home, by listening to the sonic tastings playlist on Spotify and downloading a how-to guide on the Black Bottle website.

Craig Black, Global Brand Manager for Black Bottle, said: “Black Bottle has a long heritage of experimentation through our expressions and partnerships. It has been fascinating working with Professor Spence on the impact that sound have on our tastebuds.

The reactions that we had from the initial tastings was great and now we can’t wait to bring the experience to whisky drinkers everywhere. The sonic seasoning playlist will give whisky drinkers a truly personal experience, whilst also showcasing the layers of complex flavours within the spirit.”

Black Bottle’s Alchemy Series launches with a Double Cask and an Island Smoke.

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