Covid restrictions end


Covid restrictions are finally in the past today as table service and social distancing rules come to an end for pubs and restaurants, and nightclubs can re-open. There is also no longer a cap on the number at indoor events.

However, nightclubs and late-night venues are still required to apply for the Covid certification scheme which has been changed since the end of the year. Speaking to the BBC’s Sunday Morning Show at the weekend to justify these amendments, Nicola Sturgeon said, “At the moment, nightclubs and other late night venues must apply the covid certification scheme if they have, in use, a designated area for dancing.

“We intend to amend the definition here to provide greater clarity and prevent premises from avoiding certification simply by having tables on a dance floor – and therefore claiming it is not a dance floor – but still permitting dancing around the tables.

“This change will take effect from Monday when late night venues are able to reopen.”

The restrictions have been in place since Christmas and nightclubs closed on Boxing Day.


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