Amber Beverage Group provides support to Ukraine


Amber Beverage Group announced at the weekend that the company has donated to the initiative Stand With Ukraine to provide resources where they are most necessary.

The Group will also encourage the governments of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to consider streamlining legislation to enable ABG and other companies to offer jobs to Ukrainian refugees by easing the process of obtaining work permits and supporting temporary residences. ABG have said that their companies in the Baltic States are ready to coordinate the provision of necessary supplies for Ukrainians who had to flee their homeland, working with organisations to help purchase or provide necessary materials.

Jekaterina Stuģe, the Chief Executive Officer at Amber Beverage Group, said, “With deep roots in the Baltic region, we could not silently observe what is happening from the sidelines. Together with much of the world we are sharing sadness and deep concerns due to the escalating situation in Ukraine and we are looking for practical opportunities to help. Military action in Ukraine is unacceptable for us and we aim to offer support to the people affected. Apart from the donation, we will be looking for further opportunities to give aid to our near neighbours.”

She added, “Today more than ever we want to emphasize that Amber Beverage Group is a Luxembourg-headquartered, global company and that our business and our core brands, like, Moskovskaya Vodka, Riga Black Balsam, Rooster Rojo Tequila and others, are international brands, built on cultural heritage and produced in Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, or Mexico, mainly using production materials from European countries. In seven years, we have grown from a pan-Baltic spirits business into a leading producer, distributor, logistics service provider and retailer of beverages serving thousands of clients across the globe.”

ABG has also said that it acknowledges that the escalation of the military and political situation may have an impact on its business but that it is difficult to estimate because of the high uncertainty.  However, they are ready to employ an innovative approach to find the best solutions to minimise risk to the business and to also help people that are in trouble.

The company has informed its 2,000 employees and collaboration partners about its stand and ABG’s management team is working to assess the potential impact of the situation. An action plan for the successful and sustainable operation of the Group is already being developed and is being customised to meet the changing situation.

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