New rum distiller goes from strength-to-strength


A young business start-up that specialises in manufacturing small batches of spiced rums has seen its search traffic grow by 100% and its turnover increase by 65% over the last few months following support from Business Gateway and the DigitalBoost initiative.

Strathaven-based husband and wife team Matt and Becky Hunt obtained their distiller’s license in May 2021 and began to make their rum from scratch – an unusual practice within the UK as rum is typically imported and redistilled.  The rum, called Old Mother Hunt, was the result of research into a ‘pandemic proof’ product and co-founder Becky Hunt explains, “We conducted market research to find out what was popular in Scotland. As the drinks market is saturated by gin, we decided to distil rum and learn about the process and flavours. We then approached Business Gateway for help to launch the business.”

Becky said: “In the beginning, setting up on our own gave us something to focus on during the pandemic. However, now we have a thriving business that includes a core range of rum, silver, spiced and golden, as well as special limited-edition flavours. We’ve become specialists in a short space of time, deliberately distilling our rum in small batches, so we can continue to craft the perfect rum and hone on the distinctive flavours of each rum.

“We are now growing after a relatively short period, all while juggling the challenges of the pandemic and raising a young family. Business Gateway has been a key partner to us throughout this period, and ensured we know as much about running a business as we do about rum.”

Keith Elrick, adviser, Business Gateway, said, “Old Mother Hunt is working in a crowded market., but Becky and Matt have worked hard to carve out a portion of the industry and provide a welcome new offering for customers.

“They have made full use of the diverse support provided by the Business Gateway services, which has helped them upskill and grow their business. For anyone else in a similar position, we would encourage them to contact their local Business Gateway office.”

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