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Xpressjobs is a part of the well-established and renowned Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism recruitment company, Xpress Recruitment, with specialists who have been successfully operating within the Scottish marketplace since 2003.

We have formed large amounts of industry knowledge and feedback before Brexit from existing clients and additional clients through the Xpress sister company, ‘Recruit Genie’.

Concerned about Brexit’s impact on the recruitment market and European staff perhaps going back to Europe, our clients realised they would have to advertise their vacancies more.

With the view that numerous leading UK & International job sites are owned by newspapers or editorial houses, many clients were expecting to see the cost of hiring and advertising going up.

As a result, Xpressjobs was formally launched in 2020 after seeking out the right technology and partners Xpressjobs wanted to work with to promote and drive the site.

The Xpressjobs team are looking at the platform as a front-line engine to help drive and support the advertising pipeline at a highly competitive and cost-effective price point. Consequently, enabling clients to keep an online presence and approach recruitment on the front foot rather than being on the reactive back foot position of recruitment.

Ongoing advertising and job posting have traditionally been a costly marketing commitment. Something that Independent Owners & HR departments have just not had the budgets to run and plan yearly brand activity programs built around future job seekers, owing to the high job posting and advertising costs.

Through modern internet technology and using ‘Aggregating site searching technology’, Xpressjobs are ‘pulling and posting’ only roles and positions within the diverse Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism sectors. Industries that we operate within. It sets Xpressjobs apart from other large job board sites, which can flood you with numbers of candidates, unacceptable for the advertised type of roles.

Through the Xpressjobs site, we are looking to signpost help and attract people back to work. We aim to enhance the industry’s image by developing the Xpressjobs site as a broader platform across the various roles that Hospitality, Leisure, and Tourism offer.

Moreover, the site highlights the sectors as a great place and diverse industry to work and have a career. Further showcasing and using social media to promote the career opportunities, brands and supporting clients with ‘Brand specific’ interviews to help promote their employer brand on platforms like ‘YouTube’.

Ivan Mackenzie – Head of Xpressjobs said, “Hospitality & Tourism is about the people, yet job boards, at times, can feel very impressionable, corporate and isolated as they come.  Here at Xpressjobs, we want to be as hospitable as possible to our visitors, candidates and recruiters; bringing together a one-stop-shop for jobs, advice, news, support and more all under our ‘community’ site.”

“We intend to position Xpressjobs as a “Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism site” promoting and working with all leading employers/associations to attract and promote careers and employment within these specific sectors, unlike other larger sites that do ‘Broad General Candidate Attraction’. Which, in many cases, can contribute to large amounts of applications and add to employee time and work having to sift and screen more applications. Which, in many cases, are not relevant to the actual roles or positions on offer.”

“We want to listen and work together to produce a much more effective platform for all to benefit. It is our view that by working to the same principle, practices and in collaboration, we can enhance the Xpressjobs site going forward and improve upon the features to benefit our partners.”

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