Heineken announce new investment for Star Pubs & Bars


Heineken has said it will create more than 700 jobs across the UK as part of a £42 million investment plan.  The investment will see 660 Star Pubs and Bars venues upgraded bringing total investment in refurbishing its pubs to £115 million since the beginning of the pandemic.

It will focus on suburban pubs and those on high streets near residential neighbourhoods which have benefited from an increase in homeworking.

Lawson Mountstevens, managing director of Star Pubs & Bars, said: “People have stayed closer to home over the last two years due to the pandemic and turned to their local for the kind of experience they’d previously have travelled to a city centre, restaurant or bar to find.

“They don’t want to turn back time: they expect better quality including food and specialty drinks – such as cocktails – that are harder to recreate at home. The cost-of-living squeeze on wallets is magnifying these trends.”

In February Star Pubs & Bars announced it was doubling the size of its Scottish managed operator Just Add Talent (JAT) estate.

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