BrewDog profit and share bonus for staff in £100m give-away


BrewDog has announced that it will give £100m worth of shares to staff and will share half of its bar profits with bar staff to mark its 15-year anniversary, in its BrewDog Blueprint roadmap just published.

Co-founder James Watt, who owns a quarter of BrewDog, is to give away nearly 5% of his 25% shareholding to staff.  750 salaried employees will receive shares worth around  £120,000 over the next 4 years based on BrewDog’s current valuation at £1.8bn.  The award will be worth around £30,000 a year over four years to each crew member when the scheme begins in June this year.

It means that BrewDog’s 750 salaried staff crew and Equity Punk shareholders will own 25% of the shares, owning the biggest share of the business between them.

The company has also announced a profit share scheme in which half of its profits will go its workers. It is the first of its kind according to BrewDog, which “looks to reward team members in a fundamentally new way which has never been done in hospitality before. By sharing 50% of profits with its crew, BrewDog is setting the bar higher for hospitality workers everywhere and democratising the benefits of working for a successful business in our industry.

BrewDog CEO James Watt said the moves would put the company’s 2,200 crew members across the world at the centre of the business:

“These radical new initiatives are about ensuring we win together and fully recognise the hard work that our fantastic team puts into our business. Our team and our equity punk community are now collectively the largest shareholder in BrewDog, making us truly a people powered business.

James Watt added, “It has not always been easy and ours is the story of a young company and young leadership team very much growing up in public, with all the challenges that come along with that.

“Looking ahead, we have a once in a generation opportunity to build a business and a brand that has a huge positive impact on the world. We firmly believe in our goal of becoming one of the world’s five most valuable beer brands over the next five years, all whilst flying the flag for sustainability and better business.

“The road ahead is going to be exciting, but it won’t be easy. Redefining an industry never is.”

BrewDog chairman Allan Leighton said, “We’re delighted to be taking this step, and to be sharing the success of BrewDog with our people. There is no better way to ensure that a company thrives than to give its people a stake in its future success. These are the perfect initiatives to mark the next stage in the evolution of the business and take our people with us on that journey. This is a company that has shown over 15 years of revolutionising the brewing industry that it is ready to do things differently and I am very proud to chair it.”

BrewDog is gearing up for a stock market flotation possibly as early as 2024 and earlier this year it was alleged to have been built on a “culture of personality” and “growth at all costs” after an open letter was published by a group of 60 employees.

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