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Hungrrr offers feature-rich ordering solutions especially for the hospitality industry; in this day and age, customers expect seamless and often touchless service, so it’s important than hospitality businesses are meeting this demand.

Hungrrr started as the simple idea to help local hospitality venues grow by offering their own delivery and collection service through an app. One of the company’s first clients was Brewdog and the development of that ordering system has led to the technology offering on the hungrrr platform today.

Hungrrr allows businesses to support their staff and keep their customers safe at the same time, while driving those all-important sales. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, hospitality businesses have been under real pressure to reduce physical touch points and enable contactless ways to order and pay for customers. Hungrrr’s innovative technology allows them to offer that exactly at a low cost – integrated with EPOS, ResDiary, TipJar, Deliverect, ICT Touch and more, so we can sync with hospitality venues’ current technology with ease.

Working with bars, pubs, restaurants, takeaways, hotels, and events spaces to enable them to offer delivery, collection, table ordering – a vital aspect of the hospitality business – hungrrr allows customers to utilise the technology via their own website and mobile app, to ensure the service is in keeping with operators’ own unique branding. Customers can simply download the branded app or scan a QR code positioned on a table to access food and drinks menus for placing orders.

While there are ongoing challenges with staff levels and increased operating costs in bars and restaurants at present, hungrrr apps take some of the pressure off teams who are currently extremely stretched. Businesses can process all orders through the app sending them directly to their kitchen, so the front of house team can concentrate on serving food and drinks to tables, while giving the best levels of customer service.

Ultimately it allows businesses to take more orders, therefore increasing sales without putting their staff under unmanageable pressure. Especially with summer approaching and businesses getting ready for ‘beer garden season’, the technology means they don’t have to worry about having extra members of staff outside taking orders. They can just pop QR codes on tables so that customers can scan to order, removing lengthy waits at the bar or for a member of staff to be free.

Businesses can send push notifications to their customers who have downloaded the app, letting them know about mid-week drinks offers, tables available to book in advance of popular sporting events and much more.

In terms of delivery options, hungrrr has recently introduced a number of last mile delivery solutions, which makes the technology even easier for businesses who are unable to source their own drivers.

Hungrrr’s technology is enabling clients to grow their business and thrive in an increasingly challenging industry – our top-performing pub has generated almost £400k of revenue through our platform. During the pandemic, clients regularly shared great feedback on how the technology helped bars to survive and enabled them to continue operating by introducing click and collect options and home delivery. Equally, it’s allowed some of our clients to expand their offering and expand their beer gardens or launch new menus without the hassle of reprinting physical menus and so on.

Those considering introducing their own website and mobile app to their establishment will find that the process is extremely simple with hungrrr and that there are no hidden costs. Operating on a 0% commission model, so clients pay a monthly fee, dependent on the number of units brought onto the platform and retain their hard-deserved earnings.

Hungrrr representatives will be on hand to support customers every step of the way, from training up teams to ensure that they understand how to operate the technology, to sharing top tips on how to make the most out of the functionality.

As the technology is integrated with ResDiary, EPOS, etc, clients will find it to be a seamless handover from any current technology being used.

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