NTIA hit back as Scotrail cut services

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The NTIA has released a statement today, saying that the proposed cut to Scotrail services will have a  “devastating” to pubs and bars across the country and put businesses and jobs at risk.

ScotRail has said that it will cut almost 700 services a day from next week, due to a shortage of drivers in its ongoing pay dispute with the Aslef union. In May the timetable had approximately 2,150 weekday services and next week this will be reduced almost a third, with evening trains on many routes across Scotland terminating hours earlier.  The reduction in services is expected to last up to 4 weeks.

NTIA Scotland, said, “These devastating cuts to rail services will leave commuters rushing to catch early trains home, and prevent ordinary people across Scotland from traveling into our towns and cities during the evenings.

“Such cuts to services, even temporarily, are yet another cruel blow for Scotland’s hard pressed Night Time Economy and Cultural sector which are yet to recover from the pandemic.

“With these beleaguered industries facing an extremely challenging start to 2022, this news presents considerable concerns both around economic and employment impacts, and of course over the safety of customers and staff traveling home safely at night.

“The Scottish Government must urgently resolve this dispute or they will be putting at risk both Scotland’s economic recovery and the future of many thousands of small businesses and jobs.”





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