hungrrr partnership to create last mile delivery solution


A new partnership between ordering solution provider, hungrrr, and a national last-mile fleet supplier is set to deliver cost savings and better control for food and drink outlets around the country.  The new tie-up allows venues to access delivery fleets across the UK, cutting commission by up to 25% and giving outlets the opportunity to pass on savings to their customers.

Alasdair Lindsay, Head of Hospitality Sales at hungrrr, said, “Operators across the country are struggling with rising costs caused by fuel price rises and soaring energy bills. It’s the same for consumers, who are feeling the effects of the cost-of-living crisis and increasingly looking for ways to economise.

“This partnership gives food and drink outlets the opportunity to integrate with last mile fleets without the large commissions associated with the big-name marketplaces, meaning they can reach customers nationwide while at the same time cutting down on the fees they pay.

“Not only that, in an extension to hungrrr’s white label offering businesses also retain control of their own marketing, branding and price setting, which enables them to offer the kind of deals that will be attractive to consumers on a budget.”

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