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Staff recruitment and retention are two of the biggest issues facing the on trade now, with turnover high and many staff vacancies available within the sector. The situation may appear to be out of licensees’ control, however, there are many steps and actions pub and bar owners can take to ensure the right people choose the sector as a long-term and viable career.

Immediate steps for pub and bar owners to help attract new talent and retain existing staff include flexible hours, bonuses, guaranteed days off and other working perks. However, like in many other industries, providing existing team members with training and upskilling opportunities not only helps to develop their confidence and skillset.

Beyond upskilling existing team members, licensees can tap into new generation workers to build a valuable, flexible and cost-efficient workforce. Young people in school and college actively seek employment by applying speculatively, which reduces job advertising spend for pubs. Licensees can take a more active, but still budget-friendly approach, to job advertising by working with schools, colleges and universities to promote any vacancies on e-newsletters or bulletin boards.

Licensees can utilise Government-backed resources such as apprenticeship schemes, with the Government funding 100% of apprenticeships for 16-18-year-olds and 95% for those over 18. As an employer, the Government also provides pubs with £1,000 for employing apprentices aged between 16-18. In terms of qualifications, a level Two apprenticeship is the equivalent of a GCSE, while a level Four is the equivalent of an A level and a level Five is the equivalent of foundation degree.

So, while the employment landscape may currently be buoyant with job opportunities, there are abundant chances out there for pubs to attract and retain the right people and personalities to their businesses.

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