Design Focus: Lido Troon

Lido Troon has recently been completely restyled and is now looking better than ever. The re-design of the popular bar and restaurant was orchestrated by interior designer Jim Hamilton, who has taken Lido to a new contemporary level with this latest make-over.

DC3D1EE5-9A46-4817-B4F3-6C37B5727308 4 5005 cThe re-imagined venue now features luxurious soft furnishings, and a statement mural. There is also a new state of the art pizza oven which takes pride of place in the open kitchen. Lido originally opened in 2009 but had to close in 2012 after a serious fire – which meant the building had to be demolished and rebuilt . When it re-opened at the end of 2013 it was refreshingly different having been designed by Jim Hamilton. Post-fire Lido had included a new extension which provided the venue with a private dining room and new toilets. At the time Jim said his remit was to “respectfully re-invent it.” And he now he has done that once again with Lido’s latest look with an infusion of colour. It used to have a pop of colour but now there is a full kaleidoscope.


Says Jim Hamilton, “We introduced a new layer of strong colour within Lido Troon to give the loyal customer base a fresh take on a well established local icon.” The change of tact is evident from the outside – with a wonderful new awning which features the Thunder Blotch Timorous Beastie design with bright pinks, red, blues and greens. The awning frames the exterior of the venue and gives you an idea what to expect inside.

E2893369-E6E2-49B0-BB90-398E1ECE2D30 4 5005 cThe new-look Lido feels more Mediterranean, contemporary and full of life – and the sign above the venue’s new Italian vesper, which sits just inside the door, proudly proclaims “Love Life Love Lido’.

Jim says, ““The inspiration came from the escapism of beach life, where people tend to relax and let their hair down. They often wear colours that they might not otherwise use in everyday life, bold pops of colour, stripes and patterns infused in costumes, parasols, deckchairs and wind breakers.

“This infusion within Lido was introduced within the fabrics, the new external awning and also within some of the new bespoke art pieces. Rather than opting for obvious stripes and patterns of the beach, we used a mix plains with some bolder pieces from Timorous Beasties.”

C1CD8243-38B1-4325-81DF-1C06292489BFThe booths are been reupholstered with Tourmaline Damask, with the accompanying seats refreshed with Topical tropical fabrics which bring in various hues of green. The upholstery on the small booths for two is breathtaking bright reds, and pink which appear to drip down the seating…its enough to cheer you up on the dreariest of days and a far cry from the previous cream version.

The private dining area also boasts a brand new table and stunning Zig Zag Moth Timorous Beastie curtains which feature just about every colour of the rainbow.

But it is a stunning mural in the restaurant that really grabs your attention. Jim explains, “Art pistol added another layer through a series of bespoke art pieces.”

The mural is so different from anything Buzzworks has done before. Jim adds, “There was also a soft nod to the long standing Italian connections within Ayrshire, and the history of ice cream parlours. “We manifested this within the glassware, scooter and series of loose objects that replaced the previous layers of candles.

C8CE829F-BF14-4565-B1E0-67159C431EE9“The goal was to absolutely retain the essence of Lido, but to slightly update it with a wee 2022 makeover.” Certainly the new look Lido lifts your spirits and your mood you just have to “ love Lido”.

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