Hospitality Health launches further support for industry


Hospitality Health is launching a Community of Practice to support the staff that have participated in its mental health first aid training courses.

With funding support from The Ben, and following feedback on the courses which took place earlier this year, the Community of Practice will meet for an hour on Zoom.  Introduced by Gordon McIntyre founder of Hospitality Health and facilitated by Sarah Perry, Director of The Good Mental Health Co., it will start with a reminder and brief refresher of a training topic and then delegates will be invited to share experiences confidentially.

Hospitality Health explain that the aim is to offer a supportive online community for hospitality staff to share experiences and to discuss the challenges associated with being First Aiders for Mental Health. It will also offer a space to discuss and identify any additional training/development and support needs that may present.

The times it will be delivered are:

  • October – Monday 17th – 11-12 or 4-5pm
  • November – Tuesday 15th – 11-12 or 4-5pm
  • December – Wednesday 14th – 11-12 or 4-5pm

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