Eusebi Deli summits Mount Kilimanjaro for charity


Eusebi Deli General Manager Michael Priar and Nico Baird Eusebi have joined a charity expedition to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in honour of late Michelin-starred chef Andrew Fairlie, who passed away of terminal brain cancer in 2019. To date, Eusebi Deli has raised over £25,000 from over 230 donors, exceeding their £20,000 target with outstanding support from the community.

The trek, led by Andrew’s brother Jim, follows in Andrew’s footsteps, when in 2011 he prepared the world’s highest Burns supper at the summit to raise funds for Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland. Donations are accepted through JustGiving, and all proceeds will go towards the Andrew Fairlie Scholarship, along with the Cornhill Macmillan Hospice where Andrew spent his last weeks, to benefit the nursing staff who give so much to the patients and their families.

Originally planned for 2020, the rescheduled trip began on 7th October. After a journey of 10 days, the group reached the summit on Monday 17th October. The final day’s trek to reach the summit at 5,895 meters was a hike of 1,300 meters – equal to the height of Ben Nevis – beginning at Midnight the previous night, with the group facing thin air and polar conditions.

Eusebi Deli General Manager Michael Priar says, “It’s an honour to be able to follow in Andrew’s footsteps to raise money for an incredible cause. Though we have faced polar conditions, altitude sickness and more on this difficult journey, we are in high spirits and absolutely awed by this incredible experience.”

Owner Giovanna Eusebi shared, “All of us are so proud of Michael, Nico, and the whole crew for undertaking such an amazing expedition to support HIT Scotland and Macmillan Cancer Support. We’re so thankful for the generosity of the donors who have made this journey a success.”

The campaign as a whole has raised over £88,000 of their £100,000 goal from 975 supporters. Donations are open until 20th October. To donate, visit

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