Is your business Deposit Return ready?


What is the Deposit Return Scheme?

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) launches in August 2023. The scheme aims to capture 1.5bn drinks containers each year and will play a key part in helping to reduce litter by improving the quantity and quality of material collected for recycling.

Under the scheme, people will pay a 20p deposit when they buy a drink in a single-use container made from PET plastic, metal, or glass, that’s between 50ml and 3 litres in size (inclusive). They will then get their deposit back when they return their empty bottles or cans.

How will the scheme affect your business?

If you are a producer, brand owner or importer of drinks for sale in Scotland, you will have legal obligations under the scheme. Your responsibilities will include:

  • charging the 20p deposit on every relevant product you make
  • arranging for the collection of empty containers
  • paying a handling fee to retailers and return point operators

How can you get your business ready?

Circularity Scotland was appointed by Scottish Government Ministers as scheme administrator in March 2021.

As scheme administrator Circularity Scotland is responsible for the day-to-day management of DRS and can legally act on behalf of producers to fulfil their obligations.
All producers who register with us will pay a fee per container to cover the cost of administering the scheme. This will be set annually and reflect the prices of materials collected.

We will work with companies throughout the supply chain. That includes producers, hospitality, wholesalers and retailers. Our aim is to collect at least 90% of drinks containers across Scotland. As well as handling finances and logistics, we will help inform and motivate consumers about the scheme – and demonstrate how DRS will benefit Scotland’s economy and the environment.

Registration with Circularity Scotland opens on 1st December 2022, and all producers must be fully registered before the 28th of February 2023 to be able to legally sell drinks in Scotland.


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