Bamboo nightclub celebrates 20th birthday


Two decades on and Bamboo on Glasgow’s West Regent Street, the popular nightclub which opened its doors in 2002 celebrated its 20th anniversary at the beginning of December.

Originally opening as a lounge and club where guests could relax on comfortable plush seating and enjoy food and drinks in one room and a clubbing experience in the other, the basement venue underwent a transformation which saw them create three club rooms, providing visitors with more dance space.

Now 20 years on, the nightclub has undergone more improvements, having enlisted Kabe Design to help with design and branding, with two of their three rooms undergoing a full refurbishment.

Brian Richards, owner, Bamboo and Bunker said, “There are few clubs in the UK who can boast of a 20 year legacy, and we’re proud to have achieved that. We’ve endured many challenges during that time, not least the last couple of years, and we’re grateful to still be among the first choices for clubbers in the city. I do have to tip my hat however to Mark Goldinger, a Glasgow stalwart of the nightclub scene for making it all possible, and who tragically passed away half way through our tenure. It’s a testament to the club and everyone who works there, past and present that we get to celebrate such a milestone for the city”.

Brian added, “Bamboo is a staple destination in the student clubbing scene and we are grateful to those who have visited us over the years. It’s not often a venue can continue to stay relevant two decades on and to see Bamboo thriving and entering a new era in its development is amazing, with phase one of our refit complete along with a rebrand and the next phase due to start in 2023, it’s really exciting to see”.

Bamboo will be hosting an extra special Hogmanay party in honor of their 20th anniversary at the end of the month.

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