Frankie & Benny’s announce vegan partnership


Frankie & Benny’s has announced its biggest partnership with three of the UK’s leading vegan brands Biff’s™, THIS™ and OGGS® this Veganuary.

Over the past few years Frankie & Benny’s has worked hard to expand and improve the vegan offering as part of the core menu. It is hoped that the collaboration with Biff’s™, THIS™ and OGGS® this Veganuary will showcase the best of vegan comfort food and convert those who are looking to follow a more flexitarian lifestyle.

The new dishes will be in addition to the Frankie & Benny’s core menu which already has 20 vegan dishes.

Sasha Storey, Frankie & Benny’s Head of Brand, said, “This Veganuary our vision is to show the UK that comfort food and vegan dishes aren’t mutually exclusive– at Frankie & Benny’s you can have the best of both worlds! We’ve chosen some of our most loved dishes, and challenged three exciting vegan partners, Biff’s™, THIS™ and OGGS®, to give a new, plantbased spin on them. “

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