Star Pubs & Bars predicts growth of managed estate


As the cost of doing business continues to rise, the ‘Just add talent’ model from Star Pubs & Bars offers a cost-effective way for new operators to get a foot in the door

97B143FC-DE89-440A-B2FB-0E46F2B3FBCB 4 5005 cAfter a challenging time for the hospitality industry and inflation set to continue to disrupt the sector, Star Pubs & Bars is committed to supporting its ‘Just Add Talent’ (JAT) pub management model and expects this to grow in the face of rising costs. Not only does the option offer a cost-effective way in to running your own pub, but the model is also a lower risk opportunity for a new operator considering their next move at a time of uncertainty amid increasing bills. Any JAT operator receives a percentage of the takings, in addition to a generous percentage of pub profits. Star Pubs & Bars provides all food and drink, with the cost of utilities and all other bills for the business also covered. It’s no surprise the model is growing and since its launch in Scotland in 2019, there are seven sites in operation, making the most of the opportunity.

Matthew Dyson, regional operations director Scotland, at Star Pubs & Bars, comments: “Our Just Add Talent model continues to create a fantastic opportunity for those who want to take a first step to running their own pub. It’s a great stepping stone with a low entry cost compared to other options, with us covering utility bills, managing pricing, supply, food and drink. Our JAT operators need to cover their staff costs out of their share of the weekly takings, but that is the main outlay for them as they adapt to taking on their own business. We’re really proud to have this offer available, especially in light of the issues the hospitality market is having to overcome of late. We expect uptake to grow and particularly in Scotland, we’re committed to supporting the model and growing the opportunity here. For our existing sites, we’ve ensured that we’re tailoring aspects for a different market in Scotland, with menu alterations to suit Scottish tastes – with Haggis a staple requirement.”

Star Pubs & Bars is well known for its support in the industry, having invested £115m across the UK by the end of 2022 in pub improvements since Covid hit. The business believes that refreshing and renovating pubs is vital to ensuring existing customers remain excited by their local, but it also helps attract new consumers to venues as well. The pub sector needs investment in order to continue to modernise and meet changing consumer demands. This is true across a range of aspects, but particularly when it comes to technology.

Dyson continues: “In many ways the pandemic accelerated consumer experiences of using technology, from the growth of online ordering across industries to ordering via apps at tables and even paying the bill remotely in pubs or restaurants. It’s an important part of guest experience to make sure you have the latest tech for a smooth visit, but staff also want to be working with systems that are easy to use and help save time. Within our JAT model, we make sure that we invest in site technology so that it works well for all parties; it’s one less thing for a new operator to be worrying about. This includes the pub’s website, which we set up, and the social media which we then encourage the publican to own to create authentic content to drive footfall.”

An unbranded option for potential publicans, a Star Pubs & Bar venue is outwardly independent for consumers. A business that is run and operated by the operators themselves. Debbie Little took over The Welcome Inn, a JAT pub in Letham, Perth, in September 2019 and comments: “After 20 years managing pubs around Scotland for other people, I was desperate for a pub of my own but, with a young family to support, I wasn’t in a position to put all my savings into a pub. Just Add Talent was the perfect way for me to get my own pub business without laying out a lot of money. I knew The Welcome Inn and the area and felt the JAT offer was right for both. Having a blueprint to work to in terms of the pub’s offer was reassuring and enabled me to focus on building trade and my team. The training and personal development I’ve received along the way have been invaluable. I’ve now got the skills, grounding and assurance to move to a leased & tenanted pub in the future. I don’t think many people are aware of how easy it is to take a pub on a managed operator agreement. They’re a great way to get on the ladder for those who can’t afford to go it alone or don’t have the confidence to do so.”

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