UKHospitality Scotland calls for immediate pause of DRS


UKHospitality Scotland is calling for an immediate pause and review of the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) saying that with the scheme “marred by insufficient preparation and the country now in the midst of a leadership contest, all candidates are being urged to commit to an immediate halt and review of the scheme.”

The trade body continues, “The hospitality sector has been warning for years that the scheme is not fit-for-purpose and would place enormous cost on businesses, at a time of already mounting inflationary pressure.”

UKHospitality Scotland Executive Director Leon Thompson said, “Finally, common sense is prevailing in Holyrood as the complexity and devastating impact of the Deposit Return Scheme becomes glaringly evident.

“The flawed model, complexity and burdens of the scheme will put unnecessary pressure on both businesses and consumers, who are all struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

“These cast-iron facts, alongside concerns around how it could impact trading with the rest of the UK, necessitate an immediate halt to the scheme’s introduction and I am calling on all leadership candidates to commit to pausing and then ordering a full review of this now discredited scheme.

“With all nations in the UK planning to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme, we need to see a UK-wide scheme that works for businesses and consumers, as well as all our sustainability and net zero goals.

“Hospitality businesses are not against a scheme, but they want one that takes account of the excellent rates of recycling across our sector and targets resources where DRS can make a difference to littering and sustainability targets. The current iteration does none of that which is why a full review is now essential.”



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