Stewart Brewing invests over £300k in solar and carbon capture


Midlothian craft brewery, Stewart Brewing, Edinburgh’s original craft brewery established in 2004, has strengthened its drive towards Net Zero with its new sustainability programme which includes investing £180k in 210 kW of Solar PV across its building roofs and walls and £150k in a Carbon Capture initiative to harvest, collect and bottle CO2 produced on site.

Co-founder and Managing Director Steve Stewart said, ‘‘One of our founding principles was to brew great beer in a sustainable and efficient manner and this remains at the heart of our business today, and these two projects will contribute significantly to that. The best part is that the electricity required to drive the Dallum CO2 capture machines is produced by the Solar Panels!”

“Our carbon capture will prevent 250 Tonnes of CO2 over a 3 year period being released to the environment, meaning also that we will become self-sufficient and avoid the need to have liquid CO2 made elsewhere and transported to the brewery.”

“Because of the long daylight hours during the summer, Scotland has exceptional Solar potential for businesses like ours, and we expect that our solar panels will deliver over 165,000 kWh per year which is around 65% – 70% of our total electricity requirement. That’s power to produce nearly 2 million pints of beer – Shine on!”

“We are grateful for the help of Scottish Enterprise and Business Energy Scotland to assist in funding these projects.”



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