Greene King Partners with Fischer Farms to offer sustainable vertical farm produce


Greene King is set to offer more sustainable, locally sourced food due to a new partnership with a nearby vertical farming supplier, Fischer Farms.

Fischer Farms, which launched its first farm in Burton-on-Trent, employs the cutting-edge vertical farming technique to cultivate top-quality leafy greens and herbs. The technology allows year-round crop growth in stacked, covered trays with a small land footprint compared to conventional farming and by controlling light, temperature, and irrigation, Fischer Farms can simulate optimal growing conditions, delivering high-quality crops.

Greene King has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (both direct and indirect) by 50% by 2030 through the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and aims to achieve net-zero by 2040. This month, fresh, vertically farmed basil will be added to the menus of 1,600 Greene King managed pubs, eliminating the need for imported herbs and reducing air freight and food miles.

Assad Malic, Greene King’s Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, stated, “This is an exciting step on our journey to become a sustainable business, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Fischer Farms. Through vertically farmed crops, we can provide our customers with a year-round supply of high-quality, fresh produce from the UK. We are starting with vertically farmed basil now and plan to expand our offerings to include chives and other herbs, as well as leafy greens like lamb’s lettuce and watercress, later this year.”

Additional advantages of vertical farming include its independence from weather fluctuations, disease-free cultivation which all helps to minimise waste along with zero pesticide usage.

Tristan Fischer, Founder and CEO of Fischer Farms, said, “We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Greene King and see this as a fantastic opportunity to positively transform the supply chain. As we prepare to inaugurate the world’s largest vertical farm in Norfolk, we are ready to support the food services industry in meeting consumer demand for responsibly sourced produce.”

Andy Pembroke, Managing Director of Fresh Direct, Greene King’s fruit and vegetable supplier, added, “We are thrilled to support Greene King in its pioneering new venture, as we share a common vision of embracing a sustainable food supply chain. Fresh Direct is dedicated to fostering a sustainable British farming industry, so working alongside Greene King and Fischer Farms on this environmentally friendly approach to supplying exceptional British produce is truly gratifying.”